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    Globally networked operator.
    High quality technical equipments to various industries.
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    Optimized energy and material consumption.
    Customized and reliable performance in challenging projects.
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    Advanced project management.
    Flexible and comprehensive execution of projects.
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    A young and dynamic system supplier.
    Skillful personel in an industrious environment.

Trustworthy and desired partner with decades of experience

Stairon Oy is a forerunner in customer-specific manufacturing of demanding stainless sheet metal products.


We manufacture customer designed products reliably and efficiently.


Cost-effectiveness and longevity are the result of skilled planning.

Stairon Oy

Stairon Oy (Ltd.) is a global systems supplier of high quality technical equipment of stainless and acid resistant steel as well as aluminium. Stairon manufactures products to various industries according to customer requirements with great flexibility and decades of experience.

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